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2010 - present

2010 - present


I am the creator of,  a paralegal with a law degree and 25 years in private practice.  Having handled hundreds of cases over that time throughout Southwestern Ontario I am experienced, effective and professional.  I offer a free telephone consultation in my areas of practice which include Small Claims Court, Landlord evictions and Provincial & Traffic Offences.


Often one call is all someone needs to get a little clarity about their rights and obligations. It usually takes only about 10 minutes before the first-time caller is confident that I have the legal experience and knowledge to help.


The cost is divided up in stages and the up-front cost to get the file started is only $500.00. 


So if you have a legal issue, call for your consultation.  I can help.


(888) 470-9590 (101)


Ian G. Wilkinson

B.A., LL.b.

Litigation Paralegal

Ian G. Wilkinson B.A., LL.B.

L.S.U.C. #P01450